Thursday, 18 July 2013


So, I'm six days in and I have my first weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm excited and anxious all at once! I've stuck to plan, I haven't faltered or eaten anything over my syn allowance, but I find myself wondering how it's possible to eat what I've been eating and to have lost any weight. I've had rice, pasta, omelettes and after every meal I've said "Yum!" .. I guess usually when you think of any plan to lose weight you think of eating rabbit food constantly.

So we shall see, I desperately want to have lost weight because I've really done so well and I've surprised myself, I never knew I could be so restrained with my eating habits, but it's easier than I imagined.. Hard to get used to, which I am still only just beginning to do, but I know that it's possible, and I am going to do it.

I felt more positive yesterday, but as weigh in day draws closer I just feel a little more on edge about it. What if I haven't lost any weight, or even gained or maintained? How am I going to feel? I'm trying to tell myself that it won't matter and I'll do better next week, but I can't do any better when I've already done everything I am supposed to.

Best thing to do is stop worrying about it and see what tomorrow brings, huh!

Here are a few food related things I've been enjoying this week.

Babybel Light Chesse, I've always loved these but was amazed that I could have three a day for my healthy extra A. I've had these every day.

Warburtons Wholemeal Bread (400g), this is a small loaf and two slices count for my healthy extra B for the day. I admit, it took me about three days or so to even eat any HEB at all, I just didn't know what to have. I'm glad I discovered I could have bread because it was something I really missed those first few days.

Alpen Light Cereal Bars! These are yummy. Also can be used as your HEB, yay! I have the double choc ones, they are great for a chocolate fix.

Mugshots.  Hello! How can some of these be free? They are so delish! I especially love the tomato and herb, chicken and sweetcorn and chinese style ones.

Pasta n Sauce.. I picked up a couple to try to see how they tasted without milk or butter (some flavours are syn free that way) I had the cheese and broccoli yesterday and it was filling and perfectly tasty without milk or butter. I still have a chicken and mushroom one to try.

What else, what else? ... I can't think right now. But I'll let you know as I think of things.

One thing I dislike. QUARK! Ugh no! The whole idea didn't appeal, but it's syn free so I wanted to try it. I tried to make a marie rose sauce with it but it was just sour. I do use a very thin spread on my bread though, and that's edible and free! I bought some fat free fromage frais instead, but I haven't used it yet... It tastes better though.

Okay, enough rambles from me. Maybe I'll make this blog live soon! Hah!

See you soon.

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