Thursday, 25 July 2013

Just an update.

I've been so quiet this week! I've thought about blogging here and then it's just gone out of my head.

The week has been good, I still feel as apprehensive as I did last week before weigh in, which is tomorrow. I'm guessing/hoping that may subside the deeper I get into it, but at the moment I'm worrying "What if I haven't lost, or I gain." But anyway, I've stuck to plan 100% again, possibly better than last week.

I wrote my food diary out today for this week and last, I've been doing it online every day since I started but I know my consultant likes to look at them, so I've done that. One thing I noticed more this week was that I've done much better with the super free food rule, where a third of your meal should contain a third of fruit/salad/veg or whatever else is super free. It's taking a while to get used to that and I'm not doing it for every meal, but I've been making an extra effort to do it with my main meal (dinner) and I've done okay so far.

Last week at class I purchased the Hifi Light bars, Rocky Road flavour.. God they are delish! I was put off because it says it has raspberry but it's really just a slight flavour that adds to them. I am a major sweet/chocaholic and they are chocolatey enough to help satisfy that craving.

Also, I've been eating a ton of fruit! Strawberries, grapes and clementines are my fav! I only realised today that grapes aren't a super free, yet they're probably my fave. *Sigh* Still, they're free and yummy! I love to pour a little fat free fromage frais and a tiny bit of sweetener on my fruit and it tastes so good! I usually hate yoghurt that's plain, but the fromage frais is good.

I also have some staple meals that I'm loving, so I can see myself eating lots of the same things for a while/until I get bored because when I like something I eat it a lot. Mostly chicken, prawns, pasta, rice, salad, vegetables, omelettes, mugshots. All so good and free!

My HEXA and HEXB are pretty much the same each day! I hope that doesn't matter. I have 2 babybel light cheese and 2 small wholemeal slices of bread with the thinnest layer of quark on.

Okay, that's all for now! I'll check in tomorrow!

Oh! PS: The babybel burgers were a semi success - they tasted good but didn't hold together very well. I'm gonna try making meatballs tomorrow, I think they'll be easier!

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