Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ramblings of the week...

Hi everyone!

So this blog is now live and available for all to read. Thanks if you started following, I appreciate it! It's nothing special, kind of like a diary for my 'journey' (I hate that word, but it is what it is) ...

So, I'm into my third week and I feel more and more like things are falling into place, I'm getting used to what's good to eat, what to avoid and what I really enjoy having. I'm the kind of eater that will find something I like and eat it until I get bored, I've not been doing that as such, but I've been enjoying many of the same foods, like salads and omelettes and stuff, but I change up what I eat with things, sometimes chicken, or prawns.

I am also working really hard on the eating 1/3 of super free food each day, at least with my main meal anyway, this is a big thing for me, I never used to each any salad/veg/fruit before, so I'm now eating much more than ever before and really enjoying it. Fruit is amazing, it's lovely to snack on and satisfies my sweet tooth more than I realised it could.

Last Friday I made meatballs and they were a success, they stayed on one piece (unlike my babybel burger attempt) and were really yummy, my BF loved them too. I had them with spaghetti and tinned tomatoes as the sauce. I'll definitely be making those again!

I faced a slight dilemma yesterday... My BF and I were invited out with his family for a few drinks and a meal at Wetherspoon's. I got a little drama queen-ish and panicked about what I was going to eat, so went on a mad search to see what was good. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know please!

I ended up having the sweet chilli noodles with chicken, it was 10 syns I think. Not that special, but it did the job. I then had a massive bowl of yummy fruit with a few mikados when I got home.

Mikado! Ugh, I love these! I am a total chocoholic and I LOVE that you can eat two of these for one syn. Yes, yes, yes! They're on offer in Tesco for 69p at the moment too. :)

I'm a little apprehensive about weigh in this week... Yes, again! But this week will fall on time of the month so I'm extra nervous. I know how my body bloats when that happens so it's a bit scary. My BF keeps on telling me if the worst does happen, at least I know why. I need to get into that mindset and try being positive. I just want that half a stone (7lb) sticker!

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