Thursday, 8 August 2013

Remember that post?

You know, the one that I did last week about being worried for weighing in because it was almost 'that time of the month' ... or 'star week' as other slimmers call it.

So, star week..  I expected last week to be my first star week since starting, but as we all know, star week was due but hadn't begun and I lost 3.5lbs, which was great! Star week took it's time to start though and actually waited until Monday night, which now means that this week is star week, so I feel all of those nerves again!

I've kind of set my mind up for a negative so that I hopefully won't be as disappointed if something does go wrong. However, I have stuck to plan and not cheated (which is hard at this time of the month!) so who knows? I can just feel it in my body though, the way that it bloats and everything.. You know what I'm saying ladies.

So, tomorrow we shall see! I'll pray for good news, but I won't be too expectant.

I'll check in tomorrow!

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