Friday, 6 September 2013

Oops. Let's catch up!

No posts since August 9th... Say whaaaat?!

Okay. So let's get things kicked off around here! I don't know why I didn't post, I was busy with preparing things for a couple of weeks away at my Mum's and while I was there I didn't turn my laptop on much.


The last time we spoke it was star week and I had gained a pound and I was sad, but it was kind of expected.  The following week I went and I had lost . . . 7.5lbs! Yep, let me tell you something - I was VERY happy with that!

After that I went to Mum's and my lovely friend Tracey (link to her new blog!) said she would take me to a class that her consultant does on a Friday, which was great. When I got to my Mum's I went shopping and got everything I knew I was going to need and planned out what I'd eat.

Friday came and I went and gained half a pound. I had no idea why because I had stuck to plan.. However, from the long travel to my Mum's (9 hours on a hot coach!) my ankles had swollen and I think I had a bit of water retention.

The following Friday I was all set to go, but then my BF and I decided we were going to have a day out and it was also star week again and I didn't want another disappointment so I left it!

Whew! You still with me? So, now we're at today, so I went back to my own group not expecting great things and I lost 3lbs! So I am a very happy girl. That brings my total weight loss to 19lbs in 7 weeks (8 if you count the missed week)..
 Right! Update done, I'm signing off. I'll post again during the week sometime. I need to remember to give this blog love too!

Ciao for now!

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