Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I don't know what this post is even going to be about really, but I haven't done a post that hasn't been about weighing in for a while, so I thought I'd just sit here and type whatever pops into my head.

Let's start with some food chat, what I've been enjoying eating. I really do love the freedom that you have with Slimming World, that nothing is really off the menu and you can fit things into plan if you really want to. I haven't really got to the stage where I'm trying to squeeze something special into my day yet. I love eating sweet stuff in the evening and I am a self confessed chocaholic, so I thought that I would struggle the most with that. There are things that satisfy that craving without actually using a ton of my syns on a whole bar of chocolate though.

The Hifi bars that you get in group for a start.. These are little cereal bars that have chocolate in/on them. I like the light bars because they are only 3 syns each or you can eat two as your hexb (daily fibre).. My faves are the rocky road or the chocolate caramel. Another good thing for my sweet tooth is Mikado biscuits, they're like sticks coated in chocolate and they are half a syn each, so I can enjoy a few of those and get my fix that way!

I also like crisps, but they're high in syns. I've taken to the weight watchers crisps, they're 4 syns a bag for the cheese puffs or the cheese nachos, both of which are delicious. You get more puffs for your syns than nachos though, so I tend to opt for those. I have heard that there are other low syn crisps that are enjoyable, so I need to branch out and try something else.

For lunches I tend to eat mugshots (syn free ones) or pasta n sauce (no milk or butter added).. I'm kind of obsessed with the cheese and broccoli flavour. Yum! Sometimes I'll have an omelette and salad too.

For my main dinner meals I have so may different things. I just like to get loads of syn free stuff and create something. Most people would look at my plate and be like 'WTF?' but I'm a weirdo! I eat mostly chicken though, it's my favourite meat. Chicken with salad, pasta, potatoes, rice, vegetables, etc! Tesco Finest range have a chicken chasseur that is 2 syns and the tastiest thing too! I also like the extra lean steak mince from Tesco, you can make burgers, meatballs, spag bol.. Tons of stuff. My fave is the Slimming World Donner Kebab though. If you like kebabs you will love this!! It's the most authentic thing ever. I'll have a post on that very soon.

I like to eat lots of fruit/salad/veg too. I am always SO aware that I should have a third of superfree on my plate. I just buy frozen veg because it lasts longer and is quick and easy to cook. For fruit I like strawberries, grapes, clementines, bananas, kiwi, melon.. oh, and my latest love is pink lady apples.. Best apple evaaar!! (Pricey too though!)

This has turned into a ramble about food, huh? Haha.

So, I've lost two stone - which is amazing. I don't really feel like I have but I know that I have, it's crazy. I cannot wait to start feeling it.. I have a long way to go with this weight loss thing yet, but I'm still determined and I will gain confidence and start to like myself more. Everyone I know says that my face shows the weightloss a lot. I guess I'm focusing on the places I want it to go the most (around the middle) and it's going to take a while to start being noticeable in the largest areas.

Phew! Okay, ramble over for now. That was kind of therapeutic! ;)

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  1. Well done Sophie you are such an inspiration! I joined Slimming World on Monday (for the second time) and I am determined this time. Like you said in your first weight loss its not what I am doing at the moment, it is what I am doing. I look forward to more videos and blog posts as you progress through your journey. Good Luck :)


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