Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Recent Stuff! (Week 8/9!)


Remember that last catch up post? Well here I am again! I don't know if anyone even reads this, it's more like my diary and stuff about my 'journey' (there's that journey word!) haha.

Right, so the last time we chatted I had just come back from my Mum's and had a loss of 3lbs, yay! That left me 2lbs away from my 1.5 stone award. So, the following week I went off to group as usual, I lost 6lbs! I was absolutely amazed, it meant I got my 1.5 stone sticker and I was only 3lbs away from 2 stone now. I couldn't stay at group after my 6lb loss because I already had plans, but I was also slimmer of the week.

So for the next week I was desperately hoping I'd lose that 3lbs and get my award. I had one small set back that week (if you can even call it that).. the BF and I were out and were having a meal, I was thinking salad to keep it healthy, but I ended up going for a cheese burger and chips - the BF convinced me that I deserved it. The weird thing is that eating that one meal made me feel SO guilty for the rest of the week.. I ate super well and more than made up for having a treat, but I was convinced it meant  bad things.. I kind of like that my brain feels like that now when I do something that I shouldn't, because it means I punish myself and won't do it so much.

So anyway, the next weigh in comes along (which was last Friday) and I lost 3.5lbs! Hip-hip ... Hurrah! I am so chuffed with that and I did not expect it at all.. I guess I really did make up for the little burger mishap in the end. I still hated the feeling of guilt and dread all week after eating it though.

So, we're now at 28.5lbs total loss in 9 weigh ins.
Week 8
Week 9

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