Friday, 29 November 2013

Hello - Update!

Hi everyone, if anyone is even reading this.

I haven't updated since the week before last, so thought I would do so now. So, on my last update I had lost 5lbs which was wonderful, but that's evened itself out over the last couple of weeks I'm sad to say. I haven't gone off plan or anything, but last week I was due on (star week/monthlies) so was a little bloated and I lost 0.5 lb. This week I am coming to the end of my star week and I gained 1 lb.

At the moment I feel a bit gutted. I feel like 'what if it's not period related?' and then I wonder if I am doing something wrong, but I haven't changed anything. I just feel like I'm making an excuse when I assume it's related to my period, but that really is all that I know of that might have caused this. This is only my second (edit* 3rd actually) gain since being a Slimming World member and I guess I'm not all that used to it.

One thing I am not doing though is thinking of giving up or eating a load of crap to comfort myself - I'm as determined as ever in this journey, this is just one (of many, no doubt) little bump in a long road that I'm on. So, onwards and upwards! Let's hope I get some better news next week. Sigh!

I was really, really hoping to have lost 4 stone by Christmas, that is looking less likely now.. I'm still holding out for my 3.5 stone after three weeks! Have a great weekend.

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