Sunday, 17 November 2013


Excuse the scribble.. The weigh in lady made a mistake at first and thought I'd lost half a pound, then when she looked again she apologised and said it was 5lbs.

"Phew!" said me, I hoped for more than half a pound because I'd been such a good girl all week.  So there you are, I lost 5lbs last week.. I don't think I expected quite so much but I am made up with that. It takes me closer to my Christmas 4 Stone goal too. Eee!

Slimmer of the week too, I'm very happy with that. I sometimes wonder if other women in group are rolling their eyes at me losing so much and being slimmer of the week again - but I don't think they are. Sometimes they ask me how I do it and for me it's simple, I stick to plan and eat lots of superfree when I'm hungry, and I don't always use every single syn.

I think the main factor is because I'm big and I have more to lose than most of them, I'm losing more, I'm sure as I get closer and closer to where I should be it will slow down.. It's quite up and down at the moment really, sometimes a big loss like the 5, other weeks 2lbs. If it's a loss then I'm happy, that's my attitude. :)

It's my BFs birthday today and we're having a Chinese takeaway for dinner so today I'm being really good so I can enjoy later on.. I may treat myself a little and go over my syns (I cannot resist prawn toast!), but I'll work my hardest to make up for it throughout the week.

Have a great week everyone!

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