Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Um.. It's been a couple of weeks!

I seem to be getting into the fortnightly thing on here, sorry about that! Haha.  For those of you who read and aren't aware, I always post on Instagram about how I've done before I post here, which clearly takes me ages!

Soooo anyway, let's catch up, shall we? The last time I posted I had just got my 4.5stone award (yipeee!) and lost 1.5lbs.  Well, the following week I lost 2.5lbs & was slimmer of the week -  Yay!
I was pleased with that result, obviously!

Last Friday when I went I maintained (sigh) .. But I was due on, so I'm guessing and hoping that that's why.. I always feel like I am making excuses when I say that (Weird, huh?) but I know that I was on plan and had been good, so I hope that's why. I'm now hoping star week has pissed off before weigh in this Friday.

I find it weird with the making excuses thing.. I think to myself, 'is that why I stayed the same, or did I fail somehow?' and then I start worrying that things are going to go downhill and I won't lose weight ever again.. Does that make me crazy? Does anyone know what I mean?

So there you go. 4st 9.5lbs in total so far! :-)

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